For my Master's thesis I created a visualization of the relationship between Berkovich spaces and tropical geometry. You can find it here.

Current seminars

  • Oberseminar Kombinatorische Algebraische Geometrie (organized by Daniele Agostini and Hannah Markwig)
  • PhD student seminar on Toric and Tropical Geometry in Tübingen (organized by myself)
  • IRTG graduate student seminar of the SFB TRR 195 (organized by Stevell Muller)

Current reading groups

  • Reading group on Stacks

Past reading groups and seminars

  • Reading Group on Condensed Mathematics on Lecture notes in Condensed Mathematics by Scholze (organized by Anton Deitmar and Hannah Markwig, Summer Term 2023)
  • Reading Group on Tropical Ideals on Tropical Ideals and Varieties of tropical ideals are balanced by Maclagan and Rincon and Tropical Schemes by Giansiracusa and Giansiracusa
    (organized by myself and Patience Ablett, Winter Term 2022/23)
  • Berkeley, Leipzig and Tübingen seminar on Plane Hurwitz numbers
    (organized by Daniele Agostini, Hannah Markwig and Bernd Sturmfels, Winter term 2021/22)

Other math interests

Outside of combinatorial algebraic geometry I'm really interested in mathematical relativity, in particular theorems about black holes in different spacetimes (Introductory summer school on YouTube).